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Build chatbot using api.ai
20 SGD Original Price
20 SGD Introductory Price

Build chatbot using api.ai

An introduction to api.ai and its features and learn how to build a your own chatbot using api.ai

Build your first Messenger Bot
70 SGD Original Price
70 SGD Introductory Price

Build your first Messenger Bot

Bots are the new apps. More than 900 million people use Facebook Messenger. Learn how to build AI powered Chabots on FB Messenger.

Chatbot Bootcamp Singapore
1000 SGD Original Price
850 SGD Introductory Price

Chatbot Bootcamp Singapore

Deep Dive into Chatbot Platforms like Skype, Messenger, Telegram, Slack. Learn AI engines such as api.ai and wit.ai

EBOOK - Kindle Edition

Get Started to build chatbot using api.ai

This book is valuable to those who are looking forward to gain insights into chatbots and how to build them. It is intended for beginners who want to get started with the basics of chatbots and the api.ai platform.

  • What are chatbots? Types of Chatbots
  • What is api.ai platform? Basics of api.ai platform
  • How to create your own conversational bot
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